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In a day and age of mass produced, battery operated, injection molded plastic comes an old school hand made wooden activity toy of epic proportions. 

The MMX Marshmallow Crossbow. A premium hand crafted wooden toy. Stylish, sleek, and highly effective. Designed to shoot slightly dry regular sized marshmallows around 60 Feet. The MMX boasts over 99% natural materials including Douglas Fir, Black Walnut, Aluminum, Copper, and Natural Rubber. 


Every part of the crossbow is made in Canada, and is machined & assembled by hand in Vancouver, BC.


"Mallow Out" and knock over some targets, or pick up 2 or more for the "Mallow War" The MMX Marshmallow Crossbow is a sure fire hit!



G'day mate!

Oh the joy of impulse buying!

Australian comedian Hamish Blake bought TWO crossbow's. Australian Boarder Guards however deemed the MMXCrossbow as a 'prohibited weapon'. The MMXCrossbow was made specifically for the marshmallow ammo. Easy to come across, affordable, everyone loves marshmallows! Boarder security probably had a good lunch hour.
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Shout out to Mike Shouts

Mike is an active blogger and has been since 2010. In 2018 Mike did an awesome blog post about MMX Natural.

Thankyou Mike!

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From the editor Ryan D'Agostino, the crossbow is going to a few lucky people on his gifting list! And hes correct, who would NOT want this crossbow? Ammo is tasty and cheap!

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    “Most importantly, it has a 100 percent accuracy rate when fired at the guy who brings the giant Kit Kat bar,” Forch says.
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